How much do you expect the new complex to cost?

The new complex is still in the planning stages and costs have not been finalized or approved. Affordability will be addressed through cost-conscious procurement strategies and we will present that information as soon as it becomes available.


Is it more cost-effective to build a whole new hangar or upgrade the current facility?

We have thoroughly researched whether we could use existing facilities for the new Presidential Aircraft. We have determined that, due to the size and weight of the new 747-8, a new Presidential complex is required. Modifying the current hangar is prohibitively expensive and would not allow continuous support to the President.


When do you expect to begin construction?

Design is still in the planning phase, so we don’t have a specific timeframe to release at this time. However, the project will be completed before we begin operational tests of the new Presidential Aircraft. 


What will happen to materials and technology being used in the old complex?

Any recycling or disposition of the current complex will be assessed along with other evolving mission requirements on Joint Base Andrews. If demolition is determined to be the preferred course of action, materials will be disposed of or recycled in accordance with law and Air Force policy.


Did Joint Base Andrews face any competition to remain the home of Air Force One?

No. A thorough analysis was conducted using the Air Force Strategic Basing process and in June 2012, the Secretary of the Air Force determined that JBA would remain the home of Air Force One.


What will be the differences between the old complex and the one you are planning to build?

While it is our policy not to discuss specifics of the PAR Complex due to operational security, one major difference is that the new facility will be designed and constructed to accommodate the larger size and weight of the new 747-8 aircraft. The existing complex is not large enough to provide for wing tip clearance safety margins nor will the floor support the weight bearing requirements of the new aircraft.


Why can’t you use the same complex you’re using for the current Air Force One?

The current complex cannot support to the new Boeing 747-8 due to floor strength, concurrent operations, and wing tip clearance requirements. Analysis has determined the cost of modifying the current hangar complex would be more than the cost of building a new facility.


What is the environmental impact associated with this construction?

The Air Force is committed to full compliance with the NEPA as we plan construction for the new PAR Complex and will use the NEPA process to analyze any potential environmental impacts associated with the construction. We will continue to work closely with the appropriate local, state and federal agencies throughout the construction process.


Will there be any manpower changes tied to the PAR complex construction project?

The Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization program could bring additional manpower to the installation. However, until the operational plans have been finalized, an estimate of the potential manpower growth is not available.


Will the expenses associated with building the new facility be tied to the acquisition of the new Presidential Aircraft?

The new facility will be funded using the normal DOD facility processes, MILCON will not move forward without the acquisition of a new aircraft.


Will the PAR complex construction impact operations at Joint Base Andrews?

This will be assessed during the design process, along with the Environmental Impact Statement process, but at this time no major impact to any operational mission is expected.


Will there be any other PAR related construction projects besides the complex?

The PAR may displace other facilities on JBA and, if this occurs, the facilities will be replaced as part of the same MILCON program. There will also be additional airfield work, not directly connected with PAR, to rebuild, and where necessary, construct new taxiways. 


What is the timeline for this project and at what phase are you?

The project is still in the planning phase, so a specific timeline has not been finalized. However, the project will be completed in advance of the arrival of the new Presidential Aircraft.


Will Air Force One operations be temporarily relocated when the old complex is destroyed?

Support of the Presidential missions will continue from the existing complex until the VC-25A aircraft is no longer needed. Disposition of the existing complex will be decided at a later date.


What is the plan to replace any natural vegetation that may be impacted by the construction of the new facility?

Any potential environmental impact as a result of the PAR complex construction will be addressed in the appropriate Environmental Impact Statement and, if required, appropriate mitigation measures will be identified in the subsequent Record of Decision.


Why isn’t the new complex being built at the same site the current complex sits?

In order to ensure current operations are not affected, the existing complex must remain mission capable until the new aircraft and complex are in place and operational.


Will any wetlands on Joint Base Andrews be affected by construction?

Any potential environmental impact as a result of the PAR complex construction will be addressed in the Environmental Impact Statement and, if required, appropriate mitigation measures will be identified in the subsequent Record of Decision.